Our rates



1 hour CHF 500
2 hours CHF 800
3 hours CHF 1.100
4 hours CHF 1.300
5 hours CHF 1.500
8 hours CHF 2.000
12 hours CHF 2.500
24 hours CHF 3.100
48 hours CHF 5.200
72 hours CHF 5.700

Because you are such a gentleman, we will nicely ask you for a reward right at the beginning of our little discreet date. We can travel all around Europe at your request, but our demand is payment in advance and completely booked travel arrangements. Swiss Francs are my preferred currency because we are from Zurich, but we are free to accepting foreign currencies at the daily rate in that moment plus another 2%. For special arrangements, be free to contact us. Those prices stand in the area close to Zurich. Every 30 minutes of travel add another 50.00 CHF.

If you are looking for Incalls, we will gladly offer private dates in Hotels (***) that are somewhere nearby the center of Zurich. In that case, the cost of the hotel room goes to us.

Also, we can offer you Dinner dates which will cost you 300 CHF, assuming that they last 1 hour 30 minutes. Maybe you can get to know us without any liability.